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Thank you for your interest in a teaching post at one of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic English language schools!

Some background information

The typical age range of our students is 14–17. We also run courses for young adults in the age range 18–22 and special courses for engineering, tourism, catering and other vocational areas. In addition to these courses, we run year-round adult business courses and teacher training courses for non-native secondary and primary school teachers.

Teaching generally takes place from 0900–1030 and 1045–1215. We use our own teaching materials, which are prepared for you with all the necessary support materials.

Every morning we have short preparation sessions so that teachers can share their ideas about the most effective ways to exploit the lessons.

There is sometimes teaching in the afternoon, depending upon which courses the students are taking. The afternoon teaching hours are 1400–1530 and 1545–1700. We do not teach in the evenings.

In addition to teaching duties, most teachers are involved in our social activity programmes. We also employ a number of mornings-only teaching staff.
The activities that we offer range from trips to London, Canterbury, Dover and other local attractions, through ten-pin bowling, various sports, arts and crafts, cinema visits and quizzes to karaoke and barn dancing.


Minimum qualifications are the British Council requirements of a first degree and recognised TEFL/ESOL certificate (CELTA or Trinity College London preferred) or QTS (Secondary) in English or modern foreign languages or QTS Primary.

As many of the students are teenagers, applicants will need to be suitable to work with children. Applicants must confirm their suitability to work with children under the terms of the Children’s Act and be willing to undergo DBS checking.


Fixed term contracts are available for varying lengths of time. KSE operates a policy of continuous recruitment throughout the year. Additional teachers are required during the peak periods of Easter and summer.


Pay is on a scale according to qualifications and experience.

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    The Kent School of English operates an equal opportunities policy. It does not discriminate against employees, trainees or students on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or beliefs. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.