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A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold the audience’s attention, then he or she can teach the lesson.

- John Henrik Clarke

Intensive Teacher Training Courses

Designed for teachers and student teachers of English and for teachers of other subjects who use English in the classroom.

Our standard Teacher Training Courses are one week long, although it’s possible to stay for two or three weeks to follow different course topics.

TT courses are available to both individuals and groups.

KSE can assist with applications for course sponsorship to government bodies, local authorities and the EU.

The social activity programme is an important part of all our teacher training courses. Four evening activities are organised each week, giving course participants the chance to mix informally with each other and their trainers.

Courses for 2022/23 (please enquire for dates)

  • Language Practice for Primary and Secondary Teachers
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Morning class: 15 hours, Monday to Friday
Afternoon class: 6 hours, Monday to Friday
Maximum class size: 12
Four evening activities
One Canterbury afternoon excursion
One full-day excursion to London
Half-board homestay accommodation

Intensive Teacher Training Courses (summary and prices)

For both group and independent students.

Designed for teachers and student teachers of English and other subjects who wish to become more effective in the English language classroom.

Accommodation for Teachers

For all teacher training courses in Broadstairs, KSE can arrange homestay or hotel accommodation. Fees for intensive teacher training courses in Broadstairs include homestay accommodation. Details of local hotel accommodation are available on request.

Social Activities

Programmes vary but your activity programme is likely to include a visit to a typical country pub, guided walks, music evening and a games night at school. In addition, you’ll have two excursions: normally to Canterbury and London