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A range of different courses for people with different requirements

Our adult courses are for people aged 21 years and over. Minimum language level: beginner Course length: 1 to 4 weeks Each course starts with a full needs analysis and placement test to find out which areas of the language you need to focus on. Your teacher will then plan a personalised study programme for you and will actively supervise your progress during your stay with us. Our range of adult courses reflects the fact that learners have different reasons for wanting to improve their communicative abilities in English and different learning styles. Whether you need English for socialising on holiday, for your day-to-day professional life or for a special project, we have the course to suit you.

General 15

A less intensive course. 15 hours of morning class per week, time in the afternoons for self-study.

Intensive 21

A less intensive course. 15 hours of morning class per week and 6 hours of afternoon class per week. Time for self-study on some afternoons.

Intensive 30

A more intensive course. 15 hours of morning class and 15 hours of afternoon class per week. Classes with an average of 3 and a maximum of 6 learners.

Combination 30

A more intensive course. 15 hours of small group study in the mornings and 15 hours of 1 to 1 study in the afternoons.

Super Intensive 1 to 1

A more intensive course. 30 hours of individual study.

Group Courses for Adults and Students in Further or Higher Education

We can tailor courses to the requirements of groups of all sorts.

Consultancy and in-company training

We can provide consultancy and training services for any kind of company or organisation with a need to improve English language communication between their staff or with customers and suppliers:

  • Full analysis of your organisation’s English communication needs
  • Preparation of a detailed and focused training programme
  • Language training in-company or at KSE