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So, what is it like to stay with English people?

The first thing you will find is that the food you are served (breakfast and evening meal during the week, packed lunch or lunch at home at the weekends) is different, you’ll know that but it is worth repeating.

Many of the things that British people eat are (naturally) the same as foods eaten in other countries, but there are some differences.


British families tend to have: cereals (cornflakes, muesli or something similar) followed by toast. People drink tea, coffee, fruit juice or milk. Breakfast time is normally around 0730 or 0800. If a family has children, they have to be at school for 0830 or 0845. Kent School day starts at 0900. Broadstairs is a small town, so you should be able to walk to school easily.

Weekday Lunches

In Broadstairs there is a wide range of cafes, shops and ice-cream parlours where you can buy sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers and so on. If you are over 18, you may prefer to eat your lunch in one of the many pubs in Broadstairs.

Evening Meal

This is normally called dinner and will be ready at about 1800 (it could be a little earlier or a little later). For many people this seems early but you’ll find that as a student at KSE, you’ll be expected to meet for an evening activity so you’ll be glad of an early dinner so you have the chance to relax before heading off to meet your friends!