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Posted : 02/08/2019

The day begins at 7:30am when breakfast is served! It includes a selection of hot food, such as bacon, eggs and sausages, as well as pastries, toast, cereal, yoghurt and fruit – there is something for everyone!

After breakfast, it’s time for class! These are usually on-site for residential students, but sometimes they may be in one of the other KSE buildings. We mix nationalities in classes as much as possible, so although students share dorms with their friends, they will meet an exciting mix of people in classes and on activities.

Once morning class ends, it’s back to the dining hall for lunch! The menu is different each day and there is always a buffet-style selection of salads and accompaniments, as well as plenty of fresh fruit.

One of the popular menu items is the burger (beef or vegetarian) and chips – we can’t imagine why!

A variety of activities take place after lunch and dinner. There is some time before activities begin, where students are free to relax in the common room, library, or their dorms, or spend time on the sports field.

In the afternoon, students can try their hand at archery, with qualified instructors to guide students and supervise them.

There is also basketball – who do you think won this battle?!

And of course, there is always a chance to cool off in the pool, with swimming sessions for residential students!

After a busy day it’s time for dinner! Just like lunchtime, there is a different menu each day with great options, such as baked chicken breast or cauliflower-cheese, served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. There is always a variety of salads and accompaniments on offer, as well as a choice of cakes for dessert!

Later, the fun continues with evening activities! Students will enjoy activities such as cabaret in the Wellesley House Old Hall, watching our teachers and activity assistants perform shows and dances!

Whatever the activity, it’s a great chance to mix with your friends and make new ones, before returning to your dorms for the night.

We hope the day is as fun as it is busy – because it’s time for bed, ready to enjoy the next day!

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