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Course Details

Location Broadstairs
Number of class hours 3 hour classes five mornings and two afternoons per week
Number of weeks 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks
Class size Average 12, maximum 14
Age range 15 – 18 years old
Minimum English level Elementary
The lessons Students are in a class of their own language level

Class size is restricted to 12 maximum

Students from different countries whenever possible

Friendly and enthusiastic teachers

Students receive a course file with KSE and Broadstairs information, a detailed activity programme and all teaching materials

Help is always available for any problem

(programmes vary each week)
2 afternoon activities and trips, such as: tennis, volleyball, football, drama & music, basketball, bowling and surf-skiing

5 evening activities such as: discos, barn dances, swimming, cinema, barbecues, cabarets and quizzes

An afternoon trip to Canterbury (every 2 weeks)

A full-day Saturday trip to London every week

Accommodation Residential

Full board

Shared rooms with between 5 and 8 beds

All meals taken in the school dining hall

Groups Minimum group size: 15

1 free leader’s place for every 15 students

Arrival and Departure Arrival
Sunday, early evening (after 1700)

Sunday morning (before 1000)

Group booking enquiry Independent booking enquiry

Course Enquiry Form

Group booking enquiry Independent booking enquiry